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Power Supply CF-14/28 - zdroj

ID produktu: A490TCF

Cena s DPH:
3 625 Kč
Cena bez DPH:
2 996 Kč
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Power Supply CF-14/28 - zdroj


Lightweight, compact unit for installation in the wingtips and tail of the aircraft, eliminating long runs of high voltage interconnecting cables. Only an 18 gauge low voltage wire supplies power to each power supply and between wingtip mounted power supplies and switch. This system is not synchronized. Flashes 50 times per minute (comet flash).

Wt. 1.2 lbs.
Size: 5"L x 3"W x 3.06" H.
Current 1.7A -14V, 0.85A - 28V.
FAA-PMA Approved.



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